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Song of Australia

On the South Australian home-front during World War One, unique characters suddenly find themselves in conflict with the rest of society due to ethnicity, divergent religious beliefs and misunderstood intelligence. Conflict on Kangaroo Island

Review by John Campbell, author, USA: For me, the setting of this story is unique. I've not read before a WWI story set entirely at the home-front, depicting an impending storm of conflict within a community. The story is relevant in its capturing the suddenness of change, the surge of intolerance. In this case we feel conflict born from prejudice against German-Australians and lovers of peace. It is told through a number of characters. I thought the author did a brilliant job when taking us within the point of view of a young special needs boy who excelled musically, let alone through Elsie, Will Krause and Edwin--all interesting characters. Threats of mob action, bullies, budding human relationships, religious hypocrisy and local color all make for a compelling and rich read.

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Mystery and suspense, history and fascinating characters, all in a unique setting. Published July 2016. Conflict on Kangaroo Island

New Amazon Review by Chuck Lovatt (Canada): "... This novel by Stephen Crabbe had me guessing throughout as the plot unfolded, and I'm happy to say that I was wrong every time! Great descriptive writing that was a delight to read for its own sake, and dialogue that had my ear tuned so that I was hearing the Australian accent while reading off the page. Masterfully done, and highly recommended!"

Amazon Review by Dean Mayes (Australia):  "... a luminous work of fiction that is couched in a vivid and very real pre-WW1 setting  ... Having visited Kangaroo Island myself many times over the years, I was particularly taken with Crabbe's vivid portrayal of the wild and largely untamed Island. He has infused it with a particular innocence and charm that is engrossing and enthralling ... Crabbe's story telling is patient too, and he develops his characters and situations carefully. Their inner monologues are engaging and you are encouraged to invest in their respective story arcs. They really do leap off the page.

 Conflict on Kangaroo Island is a lovingly crafted work that remained with me for a long time afterward."

Amazon Review by Mary F. Fairchild (USA): "This book took me straight to Kangaroo Island and held me tightly until the very end. The characters are fresh, well written, and easy to follow. I would recommend this book for anyone who would like a glimpse of a bygone era in a most satisfying way."

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Stephen's fiction deals with the years just before and during the First World War. It is set in South Australia. You will find a lot of information and pictures about that place and time by following the links below.